Sink Hole Repair

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These are two methods to estimate sinkholes.

A.    Fill in the sinking area with dirt.  This is a temporary remedy to the sinking which will return.

  • Includes dirt, bobcat work and ground cover.
  • Estimates can be made by phone or e-mail.


B.  Sinkhole repair.   Guaranteed no future sinking.

  • $5,ooo to start work.
  • Includes:  digging up to 10 feet removing all debris, equipment and labor for 2 working days, one 30 yard dumpster and 30 yards of clean fill dirt.


sinkhole 1before wall

Any depth greater than 12 feet or requiring more than 2 days adds individual charges.

Landscaping is available.

Sinkholes can appear in the middle of a yard, around an old tree stump or under the driveway where drainage problems have occurred to erode the ground underneath.  In older subdivisions masses of construction debris were dumped in one yard and covered to deteriorate later and sink.  Underground water sources are another cause.   Getting to the bottom of the sunken area is sometimes the only way to determine the source.  We have repaired sinkholes in the range of $4,000 to $50,000 and will do the most economical, complete repair possible for each customer.