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Review 1.  We were very pleased with Danny’s work.  He was recommended by a co-worker and promptly came to give us an estimate which was competitive.   He began on the day he promised and the outcome was great–not a single problem.   He had an assistant that did much of the work but that guy really knew what he was doing too.


 Completed wall with column

Completed wall with column


Review 2.  I got more than my moneys worth with Danny.  He had completed this project within a week.  He had complete knowledge of what he was doing.  There was no surprises that I have found with working with Danny.

Review 3.  We got 3 different quotes to have a big concrete slab removed from our backyard.  Regal Stone had the lowest quote so we went with them.  I was very pleased with his prompt response to my call, willingness to drive down to Decatur to look at the yard and give me a quote (he ended up having to come twice-which was completely my fault, but he seemed like he was more than happy to do it so that he completely understood what I wanted.)  He did an excellent job on our yard and completed the work for what we were quoted.  I would definitely use Danny Wang again in the future.

Review 4.  The sidewalk from my driveway to the front of my rental property was collapsing into a sinkhole.  I had this area repaired 15 years ago but the ground had continued to sink.  Spoke with Danny on the phone about the problem.  He went by the property the next day and called with description of his approach and an estimate.  He was the first person to propose cutting the collapsing sidewalk into 4 equal sections and reusing the concrete (which was a good idea because the 20′ section  was intact with the exception of a crack in the middle.)  I told him to send me a written proposal via email and said I was collection other bids and would get back to him within a week.  Danny followed up the next week and by that time his price was significantly lower than anyone else’s-mostly because everyone else said they had to pour a new sidewalk-the couldn’t reuse the existing one.  I told him to go ahead.  He emailed me a contract and I signed it electronically via email.  He called the next day and said he was finished.  I met him at the house the following day.  The sidewalk looked great but a lot more of the yard was torn up than I hoped would be.  Of course, this was due to heavy equipment required to transport and pack the dirt.  However, he had seeded and strawed the disturbed areas.  In addition, he straightened a railroad tie retaining wall next to the driveway, which was adjacent to the sinkhole area.  The only thing I wasn’t happy about was some damage to some metal edging around one of my  beds but I was able to straighten it out myself.  Overall, quick and complete work and I will consider using him on some future work.  He was friendly and professional.

Review 5.  I had the brush cleared off in my wood in the backyard and had it hauled away as well as having areas of my yard leveled with dirt.  The work was done on time and very well.  I’d recommend them anytime.